11 inspiring Jews who died in 5777

Friday, October 27

NEW YORK (JTA) It’s always difficult to whittle down the list of influential Jews who died in a given year, but this year the task seemed to be especially tough. The number of Jews who left historic marks on their fields – and, more broadly, on Jewish culture – was remarkable.
d'Var Torah

Abraham’s actions are a model even today

In the book of Genesis, a book whose first words are “In the beginning,” almost every experience is new: the first human beings (Adam and Eve), the first murder (Cain murders his brother, …

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To live in hope is the bravest choice

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Relax and make some memories

How do you relax? We all have hobbies – activities that make us forget the stress and strain of everyday life. Perhaps we need them now more than ever. Our 24/7, connected lives seem very …

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Of change and hope and a new year


Inspiring teachers I have been blessed to know

A retired art teacher and I recently discovered that we have a mutual friend, Mike Fink.  Although well known to readers of The Jewish Voice and Jewish Historical Notes, he is even better known …

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Thursday, November 9

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Friday, October 27

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Monday, October 16

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Thursday, September 7

Letters to the editor

More on 10 Commandments

Friday, October 27

I read Russell D. Raskin’s reaction to “10 Commandments of the Religious Reasonable” (Oct. 13) with great interest, albeit not agreement. Just like the millions of people of faith …

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Brown University’s Iron Men

Brown University dedicated its new stadium, then known as Brown University Field, in 1925. The football team now had a permanent home on a large parcel of what had been undeveloped land bounded by …

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