The 7 most heartwarming Jewish stories of 2017

Thursday, January 4

JTA – Political turmoil, terror attacks and natural disasters around the world: 2017 had plenty of people feeling down, for good reason.   But there were also notable moments of …
d'Var Torah

A blueprint for building sacred communities

Parashat Terumah This week, we read the first of five Torah portions dedicated almost entirely to the building of the mishkan, the portable Temple that the Israelites took with them throughout …

The miracle that is camp

Pharaoh’s free will and our own free will

From Exodus to now, our social responsibilities are still the same

Editor's column

It could have been worse!

I’m not one to worry about falling. I try to walk at a quick pace – hampered only by fairly short legs – eyes ahead, head held high. No shuffling here. So when I found myself …

Breaking news: It’s all too much

Backyard bird buffet brings joy to winter

It’s a wrap

The many benefits of lifelong learning


On becoming a digital Jew in ’18

I am a digital Jew. Who am I? Judaism is rich with an abundance of digital content from diverse sources such as cable TV networks, audio podcasts, social media outlets, Web pages and live streams. …

Rabbi James Rosenberg

The shaping power of Jewish memory

3 days ago

In search of the center

Saturday, February 3

The Zimmerman in Bob Dylan

Thursday, January 18

Jerusalem! Jerusalem!

Thursday, January 4

Our common vulnerability as mortal beings

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Letters to the editor

Re: Remember our roots (Jan. 19)

3 days ago

I read the article in last week’s edition of the Jewish Voice by Mr. Sales regarding the immigration ban. It is really disturbing to hear people like him and other liberal Jews criticize …

From the archives

The hidden figures behind Providence’s Hebrew Loan Associations

In one of his articles for the R.I. Jewish Historical Association Notes (Vol. 2, No. 1), David Adelman included an item from “1001 Valuable Things Free,” published in a 1955 pocket …

A notable gentleman

The Providence pugilist

Brown University’s Iron Men