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Annual meeting marks five years for Alliance

Yesterday at 8:49 AM

BY PROVIDENCE – Members of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island gathered in the meeting hall at Temple Beth-El the evening of June 15 for the …
Editor's column

When will the wheels stop spinning?

Five years ago, then-editor of The Jewish Voice Nancy Kirsch wrote a moving editor’s column about the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings. Her column came to mind after …


Carolyn R. Botvin, 87

Yesterday at 11:04 AM

Jetta Brenner, 90

Yesterday at 11:03 AM

Sylvia Kaplan, 89

Yesterday at 11:02 AM

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Mahjong – it’s not just for women anymore

Thursday, June 9

About a year ago, mahjong became a new interest in my mother’s life. Watching my mother’s group play this confusing game, I became intrigued. What is this mahjong? I had to have an …
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Summer shaliach arrives in Rhode Island

Thursday, June 9

Every summer, the Rhode Island community is privileged to welcome shlichim (emissaries) coming from all over Israel to our local camps – JORI in Wakefield and J-Camp at the Dwares JCC in …

My father’s East Side farm

A number of years ago, my friend and colleague Eleanor Horvitz and I wrote two articles for the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association’s Notes about farms owned by Jewish families in Rhode …

The day Rabin died

Nov. 4, 1995, dawned cloudless and mild in Jerusalem. As I began to rouse myself that Saturday morning in the Windmill Hotel, I saw that my 16-year-old son was stirring on the low-to-the-floor bed a …

Shul versus shul: No cause for celebration

Unlike many members of Newport’s Jeshuat Israel, known far and wide as “Touro Synagogue,” I cannot delight in Judge John J. McConnell’s recent unequivocal decision in support …

Solidarity with our neighbors is essential to Rhode Island’s Jewish community

‘Nakba’ event is an affront to Hillel and the local Jewish community


Thank you Rep. Mia Ackerman

I am writing to publicly thank Rep. Mia Ackerman for passing HB 7736, better known as the Rhode Island anti-Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Law (anti-BDS Law). The bill passed overwhelmingly and has …

Re: Letter to the Editor (May 13)

Re: Glory Days (April 29)


From Vilna, vegetarian recipes that stand the test of time

Fania Lewando was a Yiddish culinary superstar in Vilna, Lithuania, before World War II. A pioneer in the Jewish vegetarian movement, Lewando was a powerhouse who owned a kosher dairy restaurant that …

Sweet or savory bourekas are perfect for Shavuot

Steakhouse quality in your own backyard