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Renovations continue at the Dwares JCC

Friday, November 25

For months, visitors to the Jewish Alliance’s Dwares JCC have grown accustomed to seeing signs of construction around the building. Now the transformation is in high …
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Editor's column

Children color my world

One of the things that makes this job different from most newspaper jobs is the presence of children. Because of the location of our offices at the Dwares Jewish Community Center, we see children of …


Stella Block, 100

Friday, November 25

Florence Delerson, 87

Friday, November 25

Karen Eyges, 74

Friday, November 25

Warren Fish, 91

Friday, November 25

Muriel Freedman, 93

Friday, November 25

David C. Isenberg, 73

Friday, November 25

Beatrice Litner, 94

Friday, November 25

Stuart Mendelson, 73

Friday, November 25

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GA offers Jewish journey to participants

Friday, November 25

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Some 3,000 people, representing the Jewish community from across the United States, gathered in the nation’s capital Nov. 13-15 for the Jewish Federations of North …
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The Buttonwood Agreement of 1792

Friday, November 25

My daughter Judith keeps me au courant with articles about art and artists, aggravating news items, and arcane bits of the history of Jews in New York City, where she lives.   Recently she …

The world needs more peace-builders like Issa Jaber and Rabbi Kronish

Abu Ghosh, Israel, is a town of approximately 7,000 Palestinian Arabs 6 miles west of Jerusalem. Its roots can be traced back to about 6,000 B.C.E., making the site one of the oldest places …

Until we meet again …

A little bird told me that there has been a mild level of confusion in pockets of Rhode Island’s Jewish community for the past few months. This confusion, from what I understand, stemmed from …
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Another look at Cuba

Friday, November 25

Ask the director

Friday, November 25

Workshop for faith leaders

Friday, November 25

Tribute to the remarkable Ruth Gruber

Friday, November 25


UNESCO resolution hurts Jews, Christians and U.N.

Founded in 1945, the purpose of the United Nations is to promote peace and humanity worldwide through dialogue and understanding. Despite many heated debates, the U.N. has achieved its goal of …


I am Jewish and I support Mr. Bannon

I am not surprised that David Cicilline is circulating a petition. As a Jew, who went to religious school for 12 years, I support Mr. Bannon. Mr. Bannon worked for Jewish businessman Andrew …

Re: Most Jewish baseball team (Oct. 14)


Dairy dishes, old and new

WEST WARWICK — It’s a rare Jewish cook who espouses “In with the new, out with the old” – a much more typical attitude being, “In with the new, in with the …

Add a little healthy pumpkin to spice up your macaroons