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Annual meeting marks five years for Alliance

Friday, June 24

PROVIDENCE – Members of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island gathered in the meeting hall at Temple Beth-El the evening of June 15 for the Alliance’s fifth annual meeting and received a warm welcome from Temple Beth-El’s …
Editor's column

When will the wheels stop spinning?

Five years ago, then-editor of The Jewish Voice Nancy Kirsch wrote a moving editor’s column about the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings. Her column came to mind after …


Richard A. Kaplan, 74

3 days ago

Frances Katzanek,84

3 days ago

Gloria E. Levenson, 88

3 days ago

Harry Shore, 98

3 days ago

Leila Sock

3 days ago

Sherril Ruth Sussman, 81

3 days ago

Sylvia Tippe, 98

3 days ago

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‘Putting Life Into Living’ for seniors

Friday, June 24

WARWICK  – “Putting Life Into Living” was the theme at the Jewish Seniors Agency of Rhode Island’s annual meeting, held on May 26 at The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk …
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4 sites, 4 faiths: Newport’s new religious tour

Friday, June 24

Most New England Jews know about the historic Touro Synagogue, in Newport. But how much do we know about Newport’s other significant religious sites?   That’s where the Four …

R.I. author blends history, fiction in ‘Eavesdropping in Oberammergau’

We met for coffee to discuss her book, its past and its future.  She handed me an advance copy of “Eavesdropping in Oberammergau”: a black and white cover photograph of a cliff and …

The day Rabin died

Nov. 4, 1995, dawned cloudless and mild in Jerusalem. As I began to rouse myself that Saturday morning in the Windmill Hotel, I saw that my 16-year-old son was stirring on the low-to-the-floor bed a …

Outgoing Alliance chair reflects on three years

This speech was presented June 15 to the annual meeting of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island. The remarks have been slightly edited for publication. As I come to the end of this …

Of frogs, scorpions and parking meters

After Orlando, LGBTQ Jews seek more than ‘solidarity’


Thank you Rep. Mia Ackerman

I am writing to publicly thank Rep. Mia Ackerman for passing HB 7736, better known as the Rhode Island anti-Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Law (anti-BDS Law). The bill passed overwhelmingly and has …

Rhode Island’s Jewish Freemasons have not all been assimilationists

Re: Letter to the Editor (May 13)


From Vilna, vegetarian recipes that stand the test of time

Fania Lewando was a Yiddish culinary superstar in Vilna, Lithuania, before World War II. A pioneer in the Jewish vegetarian movement, Lewando was a powerhouse who owned a kosher dairy restaurant that …

Sweet or savory bourekas are perfect for Shavuot

Steakhouse quality in your own backyard