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Sign defaced in Pawtucket
Sometime late on May 21 or early on May 22, the sign for the Kollel Center for Jewish Studies was defaced by a spray-painted swastika. The sign is on the lawn outside Congregation Ohawe Sholam on …
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Time travel in Israel

Thursday, May 12

On a recent trip to Israel, I knew where I wanted to go first: 56 years into my past. At age 16, on a Young Judaea summer tour, I attended the Aug. 3, 1960, dedication of the Hadassah Medical …

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Editor's column

The many faces of a community newspaper editor

The editor of this small newspaper finds herself in the position of doing many jobs she never dreamed of as a young, inexperienced and naïve journalism school student. When you start out at …

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Repairing Rhode Island

Thursday, May 12

This year, the eighth annual Interfaith Poverty Conference on May 11 focused on inspiring tikkun olam. Sponsored by the Rhode Island Interfaith Coalition to Reduce Poverty, the conference opened with an inspirational call to action by Rabbi Jonah …
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Yom ha-Shoah speaker tells of hiding from Nazis in Greece

Thursday, May 12

In recognition of Yom ha-Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Congregation Agudas Achim, in Attleboro, invited Andrew Algava to speak about the 600 days he and his family spent hiding from the Nazis in …

Holocaust-Genocide Education bill passes House

Thursday, May 12

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom ha-Shoah, the Rhode Island House of Representatives unanimously passed HR 7488, An Act Relating to Education – Holocaust-Genocide Education. The bill …

A Nothing that is Something

Rabbi Eugene B. Borowitz died at his home in Stamford, Connecticut, this past Jan. 20, a month shy of his 92nd birthday.  Dr. Borowitz, the holder of two earned and three honorary doctorates, …

National pride a key takeaway from Israel mission

Imagine for a moment that you had served in the military, and that your mother and father served before you, and that your sister and brother and son and daughter are now serving.  Further …

Around the seder table in Newport

‘Embrace of the Jewish community’ helps during parent’s death


Re: Glory Days (April 29)

As President of Hadassah Rhode Island, I would like to comment on the article by Geraldine Foster.  Ms. Foster correctly notes that “only one chapter of Hadassah remains in Rhode …

Re: Theater collaboration (April 29)

Re: Theater collaboration (April 29)


Sensational spring flavors

(Family Features)  – Between blossoming flowers and warmer temperatures, there are plenty of reasons to spend more time outside. Brighten up your spring family gatherings with the sweet …

Seasonal soup a spring treat

Cook up a Mother’s Day to remember