Event offers The Alliance Experience

Max Brickle, left, Ilana Edelstein, Barbra Brickle and Neil and Randi-Beth Beranbaum /Ed Bruckner | Hillary SchulmanThe inaugural event for J-Futures was held on December 17 at the North Kingstown home of Barbra and Max Brickle. J-Futures is a series of unique Jewish Alliance programs focused on engaging new, and strengthening existing, Jewish leadership in our community. The launch of Alliance J-Futures was a huge success, engaging more people to have a big impact on the future of the Jewish community.

Jeffrey Savit, president and CEO of the Jewish Alliance, shared a few stories to highlight how the Jewish Alliance is strengthening Jewish life here in Rhode Island, engaging families with young children, making Jewish life more affordable and providing access to meaningful Jewish life experiences.

The evening featured an exclusive Patrón Tequila tasting with Ilana Edelstein, author of “The Patrón Way,” the dramatic story of how Patrón became the world’s top-selling tequila against a backdrop of love, diz­zying success and ultimate betrayal. She shared her epic story as a Jew­ish entrepreneur and the creation of a groundbreaking business.

Neil Beranbaum summed up the inaugural J-Futures event:  “We’re all here because we all have a stake in our Jewish community. We have the unique opportunity to make a difference and help strengthen our community.”

For more information on J-Futures, contact Edward Bruckner (EBruckner@
jewishallianceri.org), Vice President of Financial Resource Development, Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, at 421-4111, ext. 174.