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Progressives criticize Israel and feel morally superior, thinking they know better than the Israeli electorate how to manage the country. “If only Israel would...” (fill in the … more
  It is wonderful to be well-liked and considered fair-minded.  Fair mindedness, however, is not an excuse for refraining from espousing hard truths.  Such is my take on the April … more
A striking irony in the 1927 movie “The Jazz Singer” is that Al Jolson, who plays Jakie Rabinowitz, a cantor’s son who wants to move into the world of mainstream popular music, … more
In September 2015, I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime that turned into a life-changing experience.  The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island organized a community leaders mission … more
I am a digital Jew. Who am I? Judaism is rich with an abundance of digital content from diverse sources such as cable TV networks, audio podcasts, social media outlets, Web pages and live streams. … more
JTA – I used to joke that I am not a self-hating Jew: It’s all those other Jews I can’t stand. Like I said, I used to tell that joke. In the current political climate, … more
At Brown RISD Hillel a few weeks ago, amid the spirited davening, singing and eating on Shabbat during the commencement/reunion weekend, I saw something larger, too: many of the keys to Jewish … more
Jephthah sent emissaries to the king of the Children of Ammon, saying, ‘What is there between you and me that you have come to me to make war in my land’?  (Judges 11:12) The king … more
NEW YORK (JTA) – Over 300,000 Jewish college students have arrived on American campuses – and what they experience there is likely not only to broaden their minds and uproot … more
The High Holy Days are a time for family and celebration, for joyous moments and quiet reflection. While most who attend events and services will be focused on the holidays themselves, this is also a … more
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