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R.I. Holocaust Memorial ‘speaks’ through a new app

Friday, September 7

Situated on the banks of the Providence Riverwalk between the World War I and World War II memorials, the Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial serves a dual purpose: it honors the 6 million Jews who …
Editor's column

New hope for civility in a time of loss

The world has lost some very inspiring figures in the last few weeks. Neil Simon. Aretha Franklin. John McCain. The older I get, the more these kinds of losses give me pause. But the very …

Change is in the air

Ode to the sticky note

Our personal seasons

A plea for civility

A little of this, a little of that

High Holy Days

A Jewish atonement ritual gets an eco-friendly makeover

Friday, September 7

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (JTA) – On the first afternoon of Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz will lead her congregation on a walk to the Blessing of the Bay Boathouse on the Mystic River …


Laila A. Allen, 73

Friday, September 7

Ralph S. Levitt, 86

Friday, September 7

Ezra M. Schneider, 67

Friday, September 7

Meet the rabbi

For Rabbi Avi Goldstein, repairing the world is the ultimate joy

Friday, September 7

The Voice asked Rabbi Avi Goldstein of Chabad at the University of Rhode Island to give us a little background information, and here’s what he wrote: “I am a native Rhode Islander, …

Postcard from Montreal: Lots of great eating here

Friday, September 7

MONTREAL – We are in the celebrated Schwartz’s Charcuterie Hebraique de Montréal, or Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen, renowned for its smoked meat sandwiches. You will love this …

In praise of pluralism

On Aug. 16, The New York Times joined about 350 other American newspapers in editorializing about our critical need to protect our freedom of the press, to end our national disgrace of branding …

The Guide to Jewish Life, 2017-18 issue

Southern New England's only comprehensive directory of Jewish services, business and leadership.

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Partners Camp JORI and Camp Kesem offer summer fun to RI kids impacted by cancer

SOUTH KINGSTOWN –  Camp JORI concluded another successful summer on Aug. 12. But JORI’s camping season did not end there. Camp JORI joined forces with Brown University and Camp …

Remembering Kristallnacht in 2018

Beach inspiration

March of the Living changes lives

Ancient Torah scroll is safe after Brazil fire

Umam pilgrims swindled out of tickets

Touro announces college grant recipients

Did you know?

Why synagogues started putting American flags in the sanctuary

Thursday, July 5

JTA – Jewish tourists from North America are likely to notice one big difference when visiting synagogues around the world. Though a plethora of symbols, such as stars of David and menorahs, may be …


‘Hate Spaces’

Thursday, August 9

Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI) was formed by grassroots Jews and Christians in support of the State of Israel, the Jewish people and Judeo-Christian values. Because our …


Tasty cake for the new year and beyond

 (The Nosher via JTA) – For as long as I’ve been cooking I’ve made honey cake for Rosh Hashanah. I do this just as my mother did, and my grandmother did, and likely my …