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I object strenuously to the article by Mike Fink titled “A story of a creative legacy.” The article was written hastily and thoughtlessly. It contained numerous factual errors: one egregious example is in the opening sentence. Mr. Fink describes … more
I want to thank the JV for the article featuring the recent pro-Israel event co-sponsored by SWU-RI and CUFI RI. My husband, Irving, was one of the speakers and, from the moment we crossed the threshold, we were enveloped with a spirit of … more
Rabbi Jim Rosenberg in his last column seems to want to shoot the Messenger (Pamela Geller) while papering over the Message (the Quran). Geller’s  attitude is given the name of “Islamophobia” as a kind of a disease. The same “disease” … more
I read the D’var Torah from Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser with a troubled heart. There, he states in reference to same-sex marriage, “the Bible does not make any clear and indisputable statements about the issues that grab today’s headlines”. … more
Seeing Sam Buckler on the cover of The Jewish Voice, March 27 issue in conjunction with the article titled, “Model Community Passover Seder” brought back fond memories of a major part of my life when I was pre-and post-bar mitzvah. As a … more
I write in appreciation of Yekaterina Ginzburg-Bram’s article, “God Is Not a Man.” Yes, the Hebrew and Christian scriptures are filled with references to the divine feminine, but because we live in a patriarchal world, we don’t see them. And … more
Contrary to what Ms. Tannenwald wrote,  Israel does not rule the Palestinian Arabs, since signing Oslo Accord more than 20 years ago. The Palestinians  have their own parliament, two governments (in Ramallah and in Gaza Strip). They … more
It seems that Ms. Tannenwald’s opinions are taking up so much space in The Voice these days that she might as well be considered a permanent columnist. Her latest rant about the elections in Israel takes on the air of what we in the … more
After reading the Op Ed “Elections in Israel: Is Racism a Jewish Value,” by Nina Tannenwald, I am left to wonder at her complete, and no doubt willful, blindness to the reason that the conflict between Israel and the so-called Palestinians … more
I am writing in response to the column “God Is Not A Man” written by Yekaterina Ginzburg-Bram. While I do understand the writer’s overall point, as an Orthodox Jewish woman, I do take issue with the following paragraph in the final column … more
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