1. The Arabs want to stay in Israel - but does Israel want them?

    Some 77% of the Arab population here defines itself as Israeli to some degree. The state must decide whether it’s prepared to make them feel loved.

  2. Hamas looking for an opening to the West Bank

    By demanding that Israel lift the siege on Gaza, Hamas signals willingness to renew ties with the West Bank. Israel is not pleased.

  3. LIVE UPDATES: Rockets fired at central Israel; Abbas to UN: Declare Gaza disaster area

    LIVE UPDATES: Abbas to UN: Declare Gaza disaster area ● U.S. agrees to Israeli request for ammunition, CNN reports ● three soldiers killed ● IDF ordered to continue op.

  4. Once flourishing, Gaza border communities now virtual ghost towns

    The tipping point for many residents who have chosen to flee was the discovery of Hamas-built tunnels virtually under their homes.
  5. 32 nations back Yom Kippur as UN holiday

    The letter, circulated on a particularly tense day between Israel and the UN, says the global body 'recognizes the major festivals of many of the world's main religions, yet Judaism is not represented.'