1. Menachem Mazuz, Anat Baron appointed to Supreme Court

    Justice Miriam Naor will replace Asher Grunis as next president of Supreme Court when the latter retires early next year.

  2. Yosef, Tamar are most popular Israeli baby names of 5774

    Number of Israeli citizens nears 9 million; 176,000 babies are born and almost 25,000 immigrants arrive this Jewish year.

  3. Battle move in Israel's cyber turf war: Shin Bet loses authority over 'civilian space'

    Netanyahu decides to establish new government authority to protect the cyber space of bodies not under defense establishment, despite Shin Bet request to leave authority in its hands.

  4. With no news, Gazans mourn relatives lost at sea

    No bodies have been recovered since boat carrying 500 people was rammed and sunk off the coast of Malta on September 6.

  5. Large scale, showy terror attacks loom on Israel's horizon

    Israeli officials estimate Hamas won't risk another bout, but many variables could play into that equation; and don't forget Iran and Hezbollah still have a score to settle with the 'Zionists.'