1. Syrian war trickles into Israel: Mortar shells hit Golan Heights

    Israeli officer wounded; rebels take control of Quneitra Crossing.

  2. Striping resemblance: Zara tee looks like Holocaust garb

    The stripes are horizontal, and the yellow star says 'sheriff,' but Zara's latest offering is hauntingly reminiscent of a darker era.

  3. In Gaza, Israel will exchange quiet for a lie

    It won’t be 'quiet for quiet,’ as Benjamin Netanyahu says, and Israel surely didn’t win. The country needs to revamp its diplomatic and military policy.

  4. Lessons from the futile Gaza war

    Over the past 50 days, Gaza has told Netanyahu that Israel can no longer live by the sword.

  5. Journalist held captive in Syria returns to U.S., via Israel

    Peter Theo Curtis, who was held by the al-Nusra Front for 22 months, reunites with family after leaving Tel Aviv.