1. LIVE UPDATES: IDF soldier killed in Gaza in apparent friendly-fire incident

    Intensive efforts underway to bring about ceasefire ● IDF confirms death of Sgt. previously declared missing ● Palestinian officials file complaint against Israel to International Criminal Court.

  2. IDF determines Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul, previously considered missing, is dead

    Special committee led by Chief Rabbi of the IDF concludes that Shaul is 'a soldier killed in action whose burial site is unknown.'

  3. Police opens criminal investigation against MK Zoabi for incitement

    Balad MK has been under fire for saying the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens was not terrorism.

  4. Kerry pushing to announce Israel-Hamas cease-fire within hours

    Israel’s security cabinet convenes to discuss Kerry's proposal, which would bring about a temporary truce and a start to negotiations.

  5. Gallup poll shows low support among young Americans for Operation Protective Edge

    Support amongst Americans is divided, while older Americans are much likelier to say Israel’s actions are justified.