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Chocolate: a woman’s pleasure and prerogative PDF Print E-mail
By Kara Marziali   
Thursday, 24 April 2014 15:03

Chocolate Haroset TrufflesChocolate Haroset TrufflesMan may not live by bread alone, but I think women could survive solely on chocolate. Let’s face it, ladies, chocolate is our guilty pleasure. We crave it, and sometimes we cannot get enough of it. Eating chocolate can affect our disposition and makes us feel good (albeit temporarily). One reason, scientists believe, is that chocolate increases levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which stimulates feelings of well-being and improved mood in your brain.

As quoted by nutrition researcher Michael Levine in “The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars” by Joël Glenn Brenner, “Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.”

British neuroscientist Adrian Owen says, “Both smelling and eating chocolate activate areas of the brain that are known to be involved in creating feelings of pleasure. It seems chocolate has a unique blend of sensory qualities which make us feel good, activating pleasure centers in the brain.”

Mikestone Birthday PDF Print E-mail
By admin   
Thursday, 24 April 2014 14:00

altaltMILESTONE BIRTHDAY: Harriet Landesberg, a resident of Tamarisk in Warwick, celebrated her 102nd birthday April 5. She is a Rhode Island native, has three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Family from Maryland, Massachusetts and Georgia were there to honor her. Pictured are: Harriet Landesberg (seated).Standing (left to right) in the front: Lois Cohen, Estelle Gold, Arlene Landesberg. Back row: John Samolyk, Michael Steinfeld (great-grandson), Karen Steinfeld (granddaughter), Ilise Samolyk (granddaughter), Bryanna Samolyk (great-granddaughter), Mel Landesberg (son), Sanford Gold.

Engagement PDF Print E-mail
By admin   
Thursday, 24 April 2014 13:59

altaltENGAGEMENT – Debbie and Stan Roberts of Warwick are happy to announce the engagement of their son Dave Roberts to Dr. Molly Bremen. He is the grandson of Mrs. Leona Spilka of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and the late Dr. Norman M. Kahn; the late Frimette Roberts and Harold S. Roberts. Molly is the daughter of Dr. Gary and Linda Bremen of Clive, Iowa.

Birth PDF Print E-mail
By admin   
Thursday, 24 April 2014 13:58

altaltBIRTH – Milo Benjamin Sapir was born Jan. 9 to Cass Sapir and Elana Feldman of Watertown, Mass.
Grandparents are Paul and Sylvia Sapir of Providence and Robert and Sue Feldman of Framingham, Mass.

Counting down to Passover PDF Print E-mail
By Kara Marziali   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 14:13

altaltYou’ve done this dozens of times before. You watched your mom and bubbe prepare for Pesach when you were a child. So, chances are you’ve got things covered. But in case you don’t, food writer, lecturer and kosher cooking instructor Joan Kekst has some great ideas to help ease your Passover anxiety. (Unfortunately, she has no advice on how to deal with crazy Uncle Leon!)

One Week Ahead

Schedule and complete major cooking to freeze. Make extra ice. Purchase vegetable staples, potatoes, onions, carrots, dried fruits, nuts, soda pop. Line storage cabinets and counters; clean refrigerator; reserve area for hametz. Wash Passover pots/pans, dishes, flatware, candlesticks, Seder plate.

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