A bar or bat mitzvah is a day filled with anticipation and one to be treasured. You will certainly want to protect these precious memories so they may be passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

Still photography plays an important role in capturing any celebration, but many of us may not realize that a professional videographer is often able to capture so much more than still pictures can.

Imagine if our parents had the technology 40 or 50 years ago to create a beautiful film of their special day, allowing you to relive all those special moments, hear their words as they read aloud from the Torah, witness their candlelighting ceremony, hear the toasts, see all the guests, and join the entire family as they danced the Hora. A professional video can capture the emotions, the joy and the excitement of the day like nothing else.

Today’s bar and bat mitzvah videos are produced at much higher quality than even a few years ago. Most video companies are now using high-definition cameras and editing systems to create stunning pictures and sound of both the service and the party afterward. But more important than the equipment used, is the skill and experience of the videographer, and their ability to creatively capture the moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

Gone are the days of film or even tape. Your child’s video will be carefully edited and preserved on a DVD or high-definition Blu-ray disc. You may even wish to share it with friends and family over the Internet through YouTube, Facebook or other social media formats. The finished video may include the fully edited service, party or both.

The cost of a professional video can vary from about $1,200 to $3,000 or more, based on your location, and the features that you choose to include in your package.

While the technology of today is impressive indeed, the true value of your video remains in the skillful way the memories are captured and presented for you to share with family and generations to come. Professional videography will allow you to relive all the cherished moments – even those that you surely missed the first time. The pride you felt, the sounds you heard, the tears you shed, and excitement you experienced are all part of the magic of capturing one of the most important days in a son or daughter’s life in a well-produced video. 

When years of planning are finally over and the special day has come and gone, there is often no better way to relive all the joys than through the sights and sounds of a video. Please consider the value of such a timeless heirloom as you look forward to your child’s bar or bat mitzvah in the near future.

KEITH ELLIOTT owns East Coast Video.