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The portion Lech Lecha, literally “Go, for yourself,” opens with God’s command to Abraham to “go” out of his land, and to head toward some place that God will show him … more
In this week’s Parashat Tetzaveh, we read about the special garments worn by the Kohanim (Priests) when serving in the Tabernacle. It is clear that these vestments were designed to make their wearers feel special, … more
On hot-button issues like same-sex marriage, Americans are used to hearing religious and political leaders make public pronunciations that their position is the one that is endorsed by God. These self-appointed spokesmen and spokeswomen for God are … more
My parents, and grandparents, of blessed memory, taught me well. They handed down lessons from their parents and grandparents and beyond. Among my favorite lessons: “You want to keep a friend? … more
One of the central and fundamental Jewish values is known as Hachnasat Orchim, (HO) meaning “Welcoming Guests.” This concept is accepted as one of the most essential mitzvot – commandments. As a matter of fact, our tradition … more
As I write this d’var Torah, we have just entered the Hebrew month of Elul, the month that precedes the High Holy Days, a month when the shofar is sounded at the conclusion of our morning … more
Recently we finished the Book of Genesis in our cycle of weekly Torah portions and began studying the Book of Exodus.   The Book of Genesis told us stories of our patriarchs and … more
Beep, beep, ring, ring, ring, buzz; the sounds of social media are constant. Ten minutes before class begins, half the class arrives early waiting for the professor to start. Do … more
Parashat Ki TissaExodus 30:11 – 34:35 “Whoever sought God would go out to the Tent of Meeting.” (Exodus 33:7) “God would speak to Moses face to face, as one person speaks to another.” (Exodus 33:11) At the foot of Mount Sinai, … more
The biblical story of Joseph and his brothers spans four Torah readings – a full month on the yearly calendar. That’s a lot of coverage for a single story in the Torah. There must be many … more
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