Dr. Stanley Aronson
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Morris Gershovitz left St. Petersburg, Russia, in the early 1890s to seek a new life in America. He married Rose Bruskin in 1895, and they were blessed with four children. The first son, Isidore, was born in December 1896. Another son, Jacob, was … more
Leviticus, the third book of the Bible, provided the ancient Hebrews with an instructional manual during their years of wandering. Some of these guidelines pertained to ways of maintaining the health and integrity of this nomadic community: … more
It is widely said, and almost universally believed, that every American home possesses a Bible. Certainly, in many homes, the Bible stands quietly apart from other texts, seen more as a moral commitment than as a text to be studied; yet it is … more
The newly-placed wall calendar in the dentist’s waiting room in Providence declares the year to be 2014; but if one reckons by the Hebrew calendar, the year is 5774; by the Mayan calendar, 5133; by the Buddhist calendar, 2558; by the old Imperial … more
Over a half century ago, there had been a large Jewish hospital in the New York region fulfilling a unique societal need. It had opened its many long-term beds for the continuing care of people impaired by chronic, essentially incurable, neurologic … more
If human illness were strictly a private matter, never impinging upon the health, freedom or affairs of others, there would be little ambiguity or dispute concerning the need for health regulations; indeed, there would be no need for any public … more
Primitive societies invested much labor in growing or otherwise obtaining food. Drought, insect depredation and war periodically threatened the community’s food supply, making food central to tribal survival. And on those infrequent occasions … more
The role of Jewry in the expanding culture, prosperity and destiny of the United States had been minimal until the great Jewish diaspora of the 19th century.Certainly there was passing mention of clusters of Jewish immigrants as early as the New … more
The time: A mid-December weekend, 1935, on a residential street in inner Brooklyn. Two 14-year-old youngsters inspect the thin layer of snow covering the streets and decide that this is not a good day for roller-skating. They then glance in both … more
The travails of newly arrived immigrants and the tragedies that marked their first few decades in the slums of lower Manhattan are well-documented by writers who placed more faith in authentic documentation than in nuanced mythology. There are, … more
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